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Now & Then (a Log)

Friday, January 17, 2003
Travis Update

Mainly for friends and family, or anyone else who cares how the kitty is doing...

I went to visit him last night at the hospital. The vet tech said he'd been grumpy, and of course he wouldn't eat anything. He was slightly alert but wasn't interesting in getting much attention.

The vet says he's not out of the woods yet -- there's still a chance things could go horribly awry -- but generally animals recover fully from ketoacidosis. Last time he was in the hospital for six days, I think. We're on day four now. Hoping he'll eat something and be able to come home soon.

Thursday, January 16, 2003
In the Garden

Driving in to work this morning I heard a story on NPR about landscape designer Piet Oudolf, who's been chosen to create the Gardens of Remembrance in The Battery. From an article on the NPR web site:
Oudolf likes kinetic plants: Dierama, Molinia and Miscanthus. Oudolf likes edgey plants: Eryngium, Echinops and Angelica gigas. And Oudolf likes plants with purpose, that romp, sway, tickle and cavort. He likes them red and orange, blue, purple and pink; he uses them as curtains, globes, buttons and spires. His grasses weep with joy.
Oudolf's landscapes convey a not unpleasant strain of controlled naturalism. I tend to prefer less ornamental gardens, such as Winnifred Lutz's installation at the Mattress Factory, which combines prairie calm, urban residue and an organic electronic soundtrack. But something about the formalness of Oudolf's designs strikes my fancy -- probably the dynamism of the plants, in their wild combinations, as they sit in constructed space.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

My cat has another nasty case of ketoacidosis. If you're reading this, perhaps you could send a little positive energy his way? Updates to the log will probably be less frequent than usual for a while (not that they're usually frequent, but whatever).

Sunday, January 12, 2003
Here're Your Damn Links

A coworker (Pat) pointed out that I didn't link to Doonesbury in a recent post about how those comics helped me get over my post-Shining blues. To correct this stunning faux pas, I hereby offer not one, not two, but three exciting links for your perusal.

And I suppose I'd be remiss if I didn't link to the already linked-to-death Doonesbury strips on blogging.


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